Oil Painting Techniques That Will Help You

Painting with oils is one the most popular kinds of art forms. The techniques that you need to use for oil paints are to help you in maintaining consistency and to help you gain certain effects in your painting that can only come using oil paints. What are some oil painting techniques that you can [...]

Oil Painting Techniques – The Many Ways to Apply Oil Paint

Oil paint is one of the most versatile and adaptable painting mediums in existence today. There are many techniques and effects possible with oil paint. Oil paint can be applied in thin transparent glazes or washes, or the paint can be mixed to a thick buttery consistency and applied using a painting knife. There really [...]

Oil Painting Techniques – Starting Out

Artistic talent is not necessarily a trait that one is born with, and can indeed be learned and more importantly fine tuned. In deciding to take up oil painting or learning about oil painting techniques, you have already taken the first step in developing this latent talent.As with any sport or pastime it really comes [...]

Oil Painting Techniques – Painting for Beginners

Here are some do’s and don’ts for oil painting techniques that I’ve compiled as a starting list for the hobby of painting for beginners. Before you begin oil painting do a little research like reading articles like this one because painting with oil can be frustrating and even hazardous to you health.Here are my Do’s [...]

Learn Oil Painting by Using Basic Techniques

Painting, for many centuries has enabled people to express their creativity within them. The long lasting properties of oil paints and the mixture of different shades of color are what appeal most to novice and professional painters. Now you can learn oil painting by dedicating a little time and utilizing basic techniques.The first step is [...]

Learn Different Techniques of Oil Painting

The techniques of oil painting are vast and varied. It is an extremely versatile medium with which you can experiment many ways of applying colors on canvas or any other surface. Thick oil paint in butter like consistency can be added with the palette knife and washes or transparent glazing can be done with thin [...]

Introduction to Oil Painting Techniques

Oil paint is an amazing versatile medium. It can be applied in a thick buttery fashion or thinned down to a watery consistency. This versatility opens the door to a number of different painting techniques.My personal preference is to begin my oil paintings by first sketching out the composition using acrylic paint or with water-soluble [...]

Durability Oil Painting Techniques

Oil paintings can be very durable – there are examples available of more than 500 years old. You’d say oil paint is a durable paint. But on itself, it’s not durable – that’s only the case, when you apply it in a very specific way. Tubes of oil paint are raw ingredients. If you layer [...]

Top 7 Techniques of Oil Painting

Oil Painting has always been one of the most preferred types of art forms, since its introduction during the Renaissance. Oil Painting provides scope for a lot of versatility, as it can be used thickly as in Impasto or very thinly as in Glaze. Using some helpful methods, can help you achieve finesse in your [...]

Learn Oil Painting